EZGO Silicone Teeth Whitening Tray and Case

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EZGO Silicone Teeth Whitening Tray and Case  - Work With Whitening Gel And Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light

    ✔Made of TPE material, safe to use.

    ✔Individual case packed, keep the teeth whitening tray clean.

    ✔One-size-fits-all mouth tray sits comfortably into your mouth.

     ✔Adjust to your teeth ensuring an evenly distributed gel amount providing you with a comfortable experience and a beautiful smile.

User Instructions:

  • 1. Fill the top and bottom front wall of EZGO teeth whitening tray with your favorite teeth whitening gel ( not included, sold separately) and insert the whitening tray into your mouth.
  • 2. Wear for the recommended amount of time as specified by the teeth whitening gel you use.
  • 3. After use, rinse and clean the mouth tray with warm water before storing it in the retainer case.
  • 4. This silicone mouth tray is compatible with the EZGO Teeth Whitening LED accelerator light (not included, sold separately ) which connects to the front of the tray, the results will be better if you use it with our teeth whitening LED light.


This tray is only used for teeth whitening, not sport teeth whitening tray. It’s not moldable, do not boil. It can not be used to grind your teeth while you are sleeping.

In The Box:

One Teeth Whitening Tray with Case



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We guarantee results of at least 2 shades whiter teeth, with no pain or sensitivity at any point during or after the whitening process.

Each session only takes 10 - 30 minutes (up to you), and you’ll get 9 applications with your kit.

Purchasing From EZGO White Smile Store is 100% Risk Free. We Offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
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